The Five Star Accommodation Group Sustainable Charter

We, being members of the "5 Star Accommodation Group", agree to fully support this Environmental Charter and commit to continually improve and promote sustainable business practices that enhance and protect the natural, social, cultural and economic sustainability of the New Zealand environment.

We agree to:

  1. Embrace and support the inseparable link between the natural environment and business success in tourism, particularly by:
    • Recognising environmental impacts and managing tourism accordingly
    • Actively giving action to the concept of Kaitiakitanga (Stewardship)
    • Adding value within the local community by providing time or other resources including mentoring, inspiration and practical support to other businesses, community organisations and individuals
  2. Working towards improved water, land, and air quality, and bio-diversity through:
    • becoming more energy efficient and adopting appropriate policies and practices
    • Conserving water and managing water resources through adopting appropriate policies and practices for the local environment
    • innovatively working on waste issues including ‘reduce, re-use and recycle’ policies
    • manage the use of chemicals, particularly those that run-off into land and waterways and in other ways impact the natural environment
    • leading by example and providing education information on sustainability to guests and the local community
    • planting strategies and supporting local biodiversity of flora and fauna
  1. Acknowledge New Zealand's unique national identity and diverse cultural make-up to provide and promote an inspiring, and engaging experience for all visitors.
  2. 3 Develop mutual understanding, and foster support and participation between the tourism industry and our local communities.
  3. Actively communicate and influence guests, staff and other stakeholders regarding sustainability.

Explanatory Note:

The Qualmark Responsible Tourism programme is the principal criteria for the group and the ratings achieved by members will be displayed on the group website. Due to recent changes in Qualmark criteria the committee consider that this qualification could change significantly. Therefore, as one of our aims is to be the first marketing group that is fully sustainable this charter is now regarded as an alternative qualification. The charter will be displayed on the group website and members who do not have a Qualmark Enviro rating will be listed as a Charter Member.