In these days of health and wellness craze, many people consider the availability of gym facilities before booking hotels. Hoteliers have realized and adapted to this. However, in such a competitive industry, how can you go a step ahead to improve your hotel’s appeal?

One unexploited avenue is offering ‘more than just a gym’ in your hotels. Many hotels present their gym as just an afterthought in their facility. You can stay ahead by presenting the benefits you offer to guests who use your gym.
One way of doing this is outlining the benefits of Aim’n gym wear to your guests. Display the benefits of the products created specifically for women by considering all shortcomings reported by users of various gym apparel brands.

You could even go further and stock Aim’n products in your hotel gym. Traveling guests are likely to be open to trying new products. You could use this opportunity to introduce them to a lovely product that will have them cherish your hotel forever. A strong selling point for these products is that their quality and elegance make them suitable for the gym and lounging activities during their stay at your hotel!

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