While many of us book our hotel accommodations online, thanks to such sites as booking.com, there is still a huge chunk of people who still prefer to book their accommodation offline. In fact, this is what most people do. This is for good reasons, some of which I want to look at right here.

You Book What You Already Know

Forget about the photos and videos you see on hotel websites. Some of these visuals are either fake or have been exaggerated. Thus, what you see on a hotel website may not be exactly representative of the real thing on the ground. What if you visited a hotel yourself? That would give you the exact, firsthand picture of what to expect so that you know what you will be getting yourself into before paying for the hotel. This way, you will not have anyone to blame just in case you’re disappointed. After all, you came, you saw, and you bought.

Ability to Negotiate for Discount

Get me well, I’m not saying that you cannot ask for discounts online, but meeting with the hotel manager or representative face-to-face carries more weight. Your face and voice can play a big role in earning you a discount.

Works Well in Places with Poor Internet Connection

While the internet does exist, there are parts of the world where the signal is so poor that booking accommodation online is difficult. In such instances, you have the possibility of offline booking to take advantage of. Besides, not all hotels have websites. As a matter of fact, there are many good hotels out there that are yet to have a website. You can’t pass them just because they don’t have a website.

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